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Fey Tarot

XVII - The Stars

The Sentence

Stretching to infinity. When the world sleeps and every fear is left behind, when eyes are raised in the terse night and infinity is perceived... to observe, to hope... one understands for a minute with total clarity what it is that one wants. The sensation of being able to skim over the world and to change everything. A smile... simple, personal. aimed at oneself. And if someone saw it in that moment they would say "a star is born".

The Image

A balcony of moon-silver stands out above a sleeping world. A breeze envelopes the Fey Star, and she inhales the nocturnal fragrances. Her eyes are closed but continue to see the vault of the heavens. While the wind blows her hair. body and clothes. all her being tends towards infinity. From her. little stars are born, grow and leave the group; of resplendent silver, they throw themselves upwards to cover the entire sky.

Simple Meaning

Hope, foresight. guidance, a good story, intuitive security. a delicious awakening, immense personal joy, comprehension of the indescribable. beauty. innocence, future.

Advanced meaning

The stars have always been guides for navigators; points of reference and direction. They influence man from far away, shining like points of light on a serene night.
For this reason they are symbols of hope. The ability to look towards infinity and towards the sky, and to gather, even if only for a moment, all of the infinite possibilities that are opened before us. Even if stars do not seem of great use as such, they nevertheless provide direction. They do not help us move towards our objective but they help us understand where we are going and why.
They are also the card of beauty, of innocence and of purity, because these are the characteristics of the soul that contemplates, even a little, infinity, and knows how to replenish, to have hope, joy and security. Watching the stars is like falling in love.

The Chosen Symbols

The white light is the colour of purity and of innocence. Evil never reaches here and will never be able to touch the Fey Star.
Nudity indicates turning towards infinity with all of one's being without veils or go-betweens.
Closed eyes remind us that we are dealing with a personal and intimate experience.
The outstretched finger, arched neck, and body posture indicate the intensity of the experience.
The stars that are generated from the body and rise skywards are the beauty within each creature, reflected in the beauty that each person is able to see outside themselves.


It is often easy to observe the beauty and joy of others or in things so great that one feels insignificant in comparison. Nevertheless, each time we observe the beauty of something, whether in nature or in a work of man, art. poetry or person, a reflection of one's own beauty, can be seen. This is not easy to realise; the stars are also this.