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Fey Tarot

VII - The Chariot

The Sentence

Run fast, on roads and bridges, crossing the earth, prey to haste, to reach a place in time.
The Fey that runs with the chariot is sustained by her magic and from this magic velocity and purpose comes. Willingness, knowledge and wisdom, dominion and power, all come to nothing if a purpose remains unmoved and is not guided or held by reins.
The reflections of triumph and success are in the river that the chariot crosses, but it has already passed by.

The Image

An arched bridge curves over a deep, swirling river. Around the bay the Fey chariot runs at great speed. The wheels are bent at strange slanting angles and the structure creaks, but the chariot does not slow down. A seated driver, holding onto a short platform, incites his steeds to hurry.
The body of the chariot is made from a sweet pomegranate, on the crown of which sits a Fey on a light green cushion. Her dress is warm, cheerful and elegant, as if she is ready for a great ball. A large autumn leaf acts as a parasol and protects her from the hot rays of the sun. Notwithstanding the speed and the crazy drive she does not feel the wind and is seated peacefully. Two steeds, by nature different one from the other, pull the chariot-throne. One is a small country mouse, with bright eyes watching the road, the other an emerald green lizard with a splendid long tail.

Simple Meaning

Travel, route, victory, triumph, conquest, ownership, vanity, displaying oneself.

Advanced meaning

In the cards from past centuries the icon of the chariot had two different aspects. On the one hand it was a chariot of war, formidable and cruel, while on the other it was a chariot of triumph, on which the victorious leader sat, crowned with laurels to return home. Two sphinxes hauled it, one white to symbolise good and the other black to symbolise evil.
In the world of the Fey the vanity of men does not exist. The chariot returns to its original nature, that of transport and of movement. Each journey of the Spirit begins with a material voyage. And yet this magical pomegranate that overcomes obstacles also indicates the root of the world, succes, and glory, because he who sits on top remains unchanged by things rushing around him, protected and at the centre of everything, visible and crowned with glory.
But this glory remains and will always remain in the world of material things, because this is its magic, just like the fairytale of Cinderella, the beauty who rode in a similar carriage to a great ball.

The Chosen Symbols

The river indicates traps and unknown dangers.
The stone bridge indicates the road made by others that we can follow, and indicates the security of the route and the direction.
The pomegranate indicates the sweet fruits of victory.
The mouse indicates good, or perhaps bad. The lizard indicates good, or perhaps evil, as in each journey there is a bit of one or the other and it is not easy to distinguish them.
The driver is the guide that we give to our actions. Using him, the good and the bad of things follow the same road and arrive at the destination.
The cushion is the comfort and joy of being lead ahead.
The autumn leaf is like a crown of glory that protects and shows the way.


A card of movement and audacity, it shows intention. Without aims or desires, man is as empty as a deserted road. But if he gives his real nature a direction, this acquires form and each step brings him nearer.
Without purpose of action, man is lost, passive, waiting, but in the Chariot this waiting ends and he comes to the road.