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Fey Tarot

Ten of Chalices

The Image

Once again in the midst of an immense expanse of water a chalice rises, jewelled and precious. In the chalice two Fey, a blue male and red female, sit back-to-back. Their thoughts are linked, their heads turn and they try to catch each other's eye. Nevertheless what unites them most is a rainbow of many colours released from their hands.

Simple Meaning

Joy for human beings is rarely a solitary experience. The entire sphere of emotions and affection, as can be seen in the Two of Chalices, is linked to the capacity to divide and to share the things we experience and perceive. In this card the sharing is perfect and is shown in all its glory. The old fables say that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. That gold is in the heart of he who knows how to love, he who knows how to give and how to receive.

Symbols Used

The sea indicates the vastness that retracts to leave space for joy.
The rainbow indicates the resolving of all toils and the end of the rain. It also indicates the links that unite the two hearts.
The hands from where the rainbow departs indicate that love is an offering. Blue indicates serenity.
Red indicates passion