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Fey Tarot

Knight of Chalices


Violence also exists in the emotions... just as overwhelming sentiments or emotional blackmail exist. The Knight of Chalices has realised this and it disturbs him, because it clashes with the idealised image he is used to. Nevertheless, he has not yet decided whether to accept this challenge or to stop believing in the innocence of love.

The Image

A knight emerges from the sea riding a giant lobster. He manoeuvres a sword and a chalice in his hands, weighing one against the other.

Simple Meaning

Dreamer, seducer, suitor, poetic soul.

Advanced Meaning

The Fey knight who rises from the sea finds himself on the boundaries of pure sentiment and his strong natural aggression. For this reason he debates between the chalice and the sword. He can choose whether to deceive and receive love without giving it in exchange, playing a game with emotions without participating, or else he can choose to risk and become involved, renouncing his strength and all his advantages.