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Fey Tarot

Queen of Chalices


The Fey Queen of Chalices is capable of listening. Her strengths are empathy and understanding. Even in the depths of the sea, from where she rises, she is perennially disposed towards others, in generosity and friendship

The Image

Sitting amongst many cushions, in an Oriental way, the Queen of Chalices agitates a large and bulky chalice full of water. She is not thinking of herself, but her acute senses and reflexes enable her to hear everything that is going on around her.

Simple Meaning

Comprehension, listening, empathy, attention, delicate soul.

Advanced Meaning

Comprehension and listening are the keys to this Arcana. The Queen does not limit herself to perception only, but also empathises. Her words soothe pain and it is removed, even though it is not in her power to heal.