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Fey Tarot

King of Chalices


The King of Chalices is the perfect master of his emotions. He does not bury them nor tame them, but is able to live with them perfectly. He, like the Knave, interrogates a chalice, but this time he looks to the chalice for the answers that he does not know and that come from reality.

The Image

One of the most noble Fey, whose only crown is a band of gold, he holds a chalice of precious metal, moulded in the shape of the world. He is smiling, but his gaze remains fixed and intense.

Simple Meaning

Experience, impartiality, emotional distance, whimsical soul.

Advanced Meaning

With maturity, emotions do not vanish but become more removed and deeper. Just as waves in the sea are more difficult to see when the sea is deep, so are the great emotions of the king. They run deep but envelope every fibre in his body.