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Fey Tarot

Two of Chalices

The Image

On a solitary rock surrounded by water two young Fey offer a chalice made from a shell and drink together. The girl is like a sophisticated mermaid, with long green hair like the sea. The boy is strong and knotty like coral.

Simple Meaning

Affinity, love, agreement, a toast, links. Promises.

Advanced Meaning

Two diverse and yet complimentary figures are joined together by a toast: a formal pact. We are in the field of feelings, with a promise of friendship, of love or even only of affinity: to connect a fragment of oneself with another person, as in a magic rite.
The chalice is designed so that two lips can drink from the same source.

Symbols Used

The sea indicates solitude and the private, intimate nature of the event.
The rocks represent removal from the sea and therefore place the accent on the exceptional nature of the event.
The two figures, male and female, indicate the growth of possible feelings. It is too soon to speak of love but there a gentle feeling stirs the heart and calms the waves.