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Fey Tarot

Four of Chalices

The Image

A Fey swings lazily, suspended above a chalice full of red wine. Sleep has closed her eyes and she has abandoned herself to peace and rest. Her shadow is projected onto the wine contained in the terracotta chalice.

Simple Meaning

Boredom, resignation, waiting, lack of stimulus, satiety, sleep.

Advanced Meaning

This card demonstrates the contradictions between two aspects of man's nature. On the one hand, things have their intrinsic value and are a source of happiness. On the other hand, when there is no change things often become boring and dissatisfying. With emotions, like anything else, man looks for stimulus and not the perfect `answer' to his needs.

Symbols Used

The suspended chair that remains immobile highlights the static nature of the stimulus offered.
The full cup indicates that we should not exaggerate with something or else we will become dissatisfied with it.
Rest is a necessary thing, which we should not have too much of however.
Wine indicates the fullness of emotions.