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Fey Tarot

Eight of Chalices

The Image

While a splendid crescent moon shines in the sky, a travelling Fey turns her back to a stairway that rises upwards through nothing until a chalice of gold and crystal is reached, full of an amber liquid.

Simple Meaning

Timidity, renouncing, moderation, respect.

Advanced Meaning

This very evocative card shows a Fey consciously renouncing her own destination, however much it appears so very near and real. Her garments show the difficulty of the journey she had to overcome, yet her shoulders are straight and strong. She renounces because she understands that she does not have the abilities; she is not the right person. This respect and this modesty with regards to something so beautiful and sacred, is the heart of emotions.
The Fey could walk up the stairs and make the chalice hers, but in taking it she might be broken and destroyed, or worse, she might break the chalice that looks so beautiful.

Symbols Used

The moon indicates the magic that governs this moment.
The stairs indicate the difficulty of the journey which is possible only to those who merit it.
Her worn and practical clothing indicate the road that the Fey has already walked.
Her posture and face indicate her determination to proceed.