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Fey Tarot

Nine of Chalices

The Image

On the top of a hill an enormous chalice of heavy gold stands on green grass.
A Fey with butterfly wings, exhausted and happy, leans her back against the great chalice, while the lights of her intoxication sweeten her gentle, relaxed face.

Simple Meaning

Physical well-being, satisfaction, intoxication, fullness, and over-abundance.

Advanced Meaning

As opposed to the Four of Chalices, where fullness lead to boredom because it did not have to be worked for and was not merited, the happiness shown in this card is of a much more profound kind. It is still a happiness linked to oneself, to the fact that one has given and received with fullness and above all abandon. The well-being that is born from this sensation has no shadows, even if it disappears quickly.

Symbols Used

The beatific and sincere smile indicates the total harmony between physical and spiritual well-being.