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Fey Tarot

Ten of Pentacles

The Image

In a room where the walls are not visible, crowded around the light of a candle, a family of Fey sits around a table. The table is the shape of a huge horizontal pentacle of heavy with a similar aspect to that of a round candy. Stars hang from the ceiling. while under the table a group of small animals, also a family, are peeking out and running away.

Simple Meaning

Family, links, division of wealth, sharing of joy and abundance, celebration, feast.

Advanced Meaning

Link with the earth and with things are highlighted in the family and in the home. The table in this Arcana is nourishment itself, a source of prosperity and warmth. Symbolically it signifies the family itself and the strongest and deepest emotions. Richness, like emotions, has no meaning if kept in a safe. It must be lived. If it is not part of life and of links with others it is reduced to nothing.

Symbols Used

  • The circular table vaguely recalls the round table: symbol of justice and equality. Whoever sat there was on the same level as all the others.
  • The stars indicate how the family is a complete universe in itself.
  • The small animals indicate how each universe, as much as it is complete, should not isolate itself from others or behave only with concern for itself.
  • The candy shape of the table recalls nourishment and sweetness.