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Fey Tarot

Knave of Pentacles


Inexperience, even in the material field, brings about a desire to explore and to experiment. Without fear, he tries to widen the spaces he is used to and to perceive more of the world.

The Image

A young Fey, with no sign of preoccupation on his face, flies on a swinging pentacle, engraved everywhere. The signs of the moon and the stars can be seen and perhaps, on the side where he sits, the sign of the sun can be seen too.

Simple Meaning

Application, study, knowledge, enquiring spirit.

Advanced Meaning

This card indicates exploration of spaces and places, rather than introspection or soul-searching. Restlessness is characteristic of youth and also of the suit of Pentacles, and is transmitted by this errant motion and in this continual quest for answers about one thing and another.