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Fey Tarot

Queen of Pentacles


Gaiety, without pretext or hidden ends, is painted on the face of this young girl. She seeks company and human contact, and is willing to give the same in exchange. She is ready to give and also ready to assert herself, without being able to pause and reflect on relationships.

The Image

A young girl, with a spontaneous and delicate air, plays with a pentacle that is divided into two halves: one the sun, the other the moon. Her hands rest on the pentacle as if it were a musical instrument, and a smile plays on her lips.

Simple Meaning

Opulence, magnificence, flirtatiousness, aesthetic spirit.

Advanced Meaning

In the suit of Pentacles, the Queen is a little rebellious. Her ability to disregard things is not in harmony with the rest of the suit, but it is precisely for this reason that she manages to communicate and deal with others well. Her roots are strong like the earth, but her look and her thoughts are light, never tired from troubles.