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Fey Tarot

King of Pentacles


Continual worrying about success and achieving results has made the King of Pentacles very powerful, but older than his time. Now he has many regrets, but just as much joy.

The Image

A city of great riches, where a powerful disc stands out, the symbol of the pentacle: the King is in the foreground, with no crown, a hard and decisive face, hair the colour of fire and a veil of sadness shadowing his expression.

Simple Meaning

Value, ability in business, success, practical spirit.

Advanced Meaning

The prosperity of all those who depend on him. As can be seen from his clothes, not at all luxurious or magnificent, this Fey with no crown does not need effigies of power to be powerful. He has dedicated his life to success and to security and has now obtained this, not only for himself but for all those who look to him.