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Fey Tarot

Two of Pentacles

The Image

Two Fey, both with completely different natures, meet. The first has a strong body, like a genie of the earth, seated and static. Her friendly face shows a maternal aspect and the profound wisdom of his serious gestures. Her hands, even though large, are kind, and her smile is open and sincere. The second Fey is made of energy, small, never still, continually in motion. He does some acrobatics on the stone coin that the large Fey holds in her hand, like a kind of dance that has some mysterious meaning. On the coin the head of a spade is incised.

Simple Meaning

Novelty, messages, growth, links between small and large, between material and spiritual.

Advanced Meaning

This card illustrates the link that passes between the actual immobility of the element of Pentacles and mutation and change. Pentacles are made to survive and to continue unchanged by small alterations and the vortical nature of things. As the large Fey shows, their roots are wise and deep. There is no conflict here. With regards to the other more changeable suits, Pentacles provide structure, a repetition, a point of reference.

Symbols Used

The cushion and the position of the crossed legs recall an atmosphere of fables, where every wish is possible.

The point of a spade incised on the pentacle, other than being the suit of a normal card, indicates an understanding that the dance of life is also painful.