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Fey Tarot

Four of Pentacles

The Image

In a dark, dusty library there is a large clay pentacle, like a wheel. Books and a weak, spluttering candle stand in the background. A Fey, resigned and defeated, dressed in bright colours like a minstrel or jester, is seated on the immobile wheel. A thick chain, stronger than the Fey's puny musculature, imprisons him and chains him to the pentacle. Yet the key to the chain lies on the ground, in clear view, further away.

Simple Meaning

Avarice, jealousy, slave to riches, slave to one's habits.

Advanced Meaning

This is a sad and gloomy image, in contrast to the general gaiety of the suit. The cheerfulness that should naturally arise and fill the air with voices and song is halted; attached to a weight too heavy to be carried, it is imprisoned. One sees the imprisonment is only an illusion, because although the Fey is incapable of seeing the solution, it is there, immediate and present. All he needs is to give up the connection to what is keeping him prisoner. The real sadness is not his imprisonment but his inability to see that freedom is just a step away.

Symbols Used

The books indicate that avarice does not always refer to money, to wealth or possessions, but can concern everything.

The key and the chain indicate freedom and imprisonment.