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Fey Tarot

Six of Pentacles

The Image

A gigantic Fey, both in terms of body and statuesque face, rises above all the other Fey. A chain with a pentacle that has a star incised on it hangs around her neck is. On her two open hands, palms spread wide, small spheres of light have materialised, similar to pearls or rolls of bread. Fey of all types and ages are crowded around to take them, without daring to touch them, but rejoicing in their light, while the face of the bountiful Fey seems to indicate that there is enough of this manna for everyone.

Simple Meaning

Charity, providence, abundance, gifts, salvation.

Advanced Meaning

The significance of this card is clearly evident. To give, share, resolve the needs of others. Charity and goodwill are integral parts of sensible wealth.
A secondary significance comes from not differentiating between who will be the beneficiary. Generosity is without judgement and needs no glory.

Symbols Used

The symbol of the star on the pentacle indicates magic and providence that does not only depend on human agents.
The hairless Fey like a religious person indicates the spiritual motivations that animate goodwill.
Her nudity indicates that what is given is not only superfluous but necessary as well.