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Fey Tarot

Seven of Pentacles

The Image

An elderly Fey sits comfortably napping between the roots of a knotty tree. The tree rises from the water of a lake and its leaves and flowers are made of lavish pentacles. Very relaxedly, the Fey smokes his pipe and seems content and at peace with the world.

Simple Meaning

Knowledge, peace, lack of anxiety, not obvious wealth.

Advanced Meaning

Wealth is not always ostentatious. Richness is to have no need of others, therefore, in order to be rich it is first necessary to be wise. To be able to be content and to know how to draw from what has the most in abundance. In the Seven of Pentacles richness is not in the luxuriant leaves of the tree but in the quiet of the moment. Perhaps these two things are not so far removed from one another.

Symbols Used

The pentacles, like fruit, indicate that riches arrive unexpectedly to the wise man at all times.

The water indicates the quiet and peace of emotions.