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Fey Tarot

Eight of Pentacles

The Image

In an artist's grotto, a room crowded with objects and colours, the artist carefully observes a pentacle, her work of art. The painted canvas is not visible, but the care with which the young artist applies small brushstrokes and colour can be observed. Her whole body and clothes are covered in colour and paint marks.

Simple Meaning

Artisan, art, creating something that is meant to last, creative inspiration.

Advanced Meaning

The creation of things is no small matter. By application, something that did not exist before, takes shape. It could be a work of art, but also any other from of creation. The link between the material and the possibility to shape it is a very important type of intuition. Only via this perception can a creator actually generate something that is the fruit of his labours.

Symbols Used

The colours spread everywhere indicate the complexity of life and the myriad faces of things that an artist must perceive in order to infuse life into his own creations.