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Fey Tarot

Knave of Wands


The quest for the right words and deeds to do is a complicated task. Action has given way to the imagination, but only for a short spell. This Fey is in love with life, but has not yet decided what to do.

The Image

A young Fey, with a blue unicorn horn, dreamily observes an egg, which is suspended a few centimetres above her hand. From the egg a luminous bud grows. On the table in front of the Fey, a leaf of white, rolled parchment can be seen, together with a goose feather and an inkpot.

Simple Meaning

In love, creative, sentimental spirit.

Advanced Meaning

The egg with the twig that is evoked from the power of the Fey, is the symbol of the passion that is within her heart. This passion is not sterile or abandoned, but is a passion that must bear fruit, as soon as the young Fey is able to find a way to express her real feelings. This is not necessarily to be interpreted as love for another person. Love has many forms, and sensual love is just the most simple, but certainly not the only one.