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Fey Tarot

Queen of Wands


This Fey was once a rebel, a hooligan, a difficult character. All the corners and edges of her heart have been burnt out of the life that she feels within. Now she feels only the wonderful sensation of creation and of being creative.

The Image

A beautiful Fey with long green hair tied behind her, reaching down to her waist. With her body tattooed with leaves and fronds, she turns and smiles. A hand skims over the crown she has on her head, while the other hand is placed over her pregnant stomach.

Simple Meaning

Creator, cultivator, healer, generative spirit.

Advanced Meaning

This card shows how pain or restlessness can disappear by themselves, cancelled by the need for something greater. The primary instinct, that of creation, not only of another life but of anything at all, is at the heart of the happiness of this card. Another meaning of this card is an invitation to deal with difficult people and situations gently, because this gentleness will sooner or later find an echo in the other's character or the event.