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Fey Tarot

King of Wands


The King of Wands has no age. Like all the Fey his appearance is more congenial to his character and not vice-versa. He has therefore decided to remain a child and to see everything as if for the first time. This does not make him inexpert, however, but wise and knowing.

The Image

Sitting on some cushions on the branches of a tree is a child king. The candles around him have made him another crown. Between his hands he holds a perfectly spherical crystal ball and his wise gaze looks ahead.

Simple Meaning

Reflection, wisdom, farsightedness, concentrated spirit.

Advanced Meaning

To perceive things each time, to dedicate attention to everything, even when it seems banal and discounted, to ask practical, not intellectual questions about what or why something is happening, these are the keys to remaining youthful: rich in strength, energy and stimulation. Thanks to this way of seeing things it is possible to concentrate oneself, focus and therefore obtain the things that otherwise would seem way beyond our limits.