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Fey Tarot

Two of Wands

The Image

A fertile valley with a river flowing out of sight down below. In the sky, numerous creatures fly about, but they are too far away to see if they are other Fey or birds. On a very high tree is a nest and in the nest just one small Fey has remained. She nears the edge and prepares to jump, to learn how to fly (she has strong and beautiful wings, in fact), but she is afraid.

Simple Meaning

Fear of the unknown, the need to widen our horizons, cross a boundary.

Advanced Meaning

The world that surrounds us seems to have untouchable and unchangeable confines. We behave as if in a nest, not knowing how to fly. Everything is limited to its confines, but regardless of how large or beautiful or secure the nest is, there comes a time when we need to go further and pass the barriers that previously were unable to be crossed.

As is often the case, this is much easier to do than it seemed at first glance.

Symbols Used

Learning to fly is a symbol for all the things we do not yet know how to do. Great height is a symbol of fear