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Fey Tarot

Three of Wands

The Image

A happy and satisfied Fey observes the fruit of her labours. With a normal, not magic, spade, she has planted a strange fruit tree, the shape of a star, and this has just budded three splendid flowers that will perhaps become stars themselves. The happy, satisfied Fey sits in front of it and watches the plant grow.

Simple Meaning

Work hard in order to enjoy the fruits, initiative, ideas, doing one's part.

Advanced Meaning

Everyone needs to know how to do their part. If only one part of a job is missing, then the work cannot be completed. Once we have worked hard and done all that is necessary, we can rest and wait, observing the rewards. This moment should be relished, without being anxious about things that are already beyond our control.

Symbols Used

The star is the symbol of hope and of a beautiful and important things. The spade and the Fey's simple clothes signify that great things are possible for everyone if we want them enough.