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Fey Tarot

Six of Wands

The Image

In the midst of a crowd of Fey in shadow, a foreign Fey moves slowly forward. He rides a large terrestrial tortoise and wears an amulet of protection around his neck. In his hand he carries a bonsai tree, an exotic species with strange leaves.

Simple Meaning

Herald, messenger, foreigner, bringer of news, honourable rival.

Advanced Meaning

A foreigner who brings a gift is not an enemy. Even if he is different and speaks another language, it is important to welcome him and try to understand him. If he turns out to be a rival, or the news he brings is not good, so be it. There is no need to be frightened beforehand. A meeting with foreigners or with someone different is always an occasion for growth and joy, and can bring with it new ideas and open new roads.

Symbols Used

The tortoise serves to indicate the distance of the journey and the slowness and seriousness that characterise it.
The bonsai tree emanates light, but its shadow is not threatening.