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Fey Tarot

Nine of Wands

The Image

Two Fey are hiding in a tree cave. Both are cautious and suspicious. While one retracts into the shadow, the other, who is bigger and more self-assured, peeks out to look at the horizon.

Simple Meaning

Diffidence, vigilance, attention, never lower your guard, protection of those who are weaker.

Advanced Meaning

The best way to flee from danger is to be prudent.
As usual we need to realise that we are not the only ones involved, therefore our courage needs to be mitigated by paying attention and being responsible.
At the same time this card exalts the values of perception, of attention, of the senses, of the capacity to realise things in time.

Symbols Used

The tree cave is a refuge, but it looks like a soldier's sentry box.
The Fey seem to be playing hide and seek. They are trying to hide themselves at the same time as seeking.