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Fey Tarot

Knave of Swords


This Fey does not love war and battle, even though he is skilful in both. His nature is divided into two parts: one that desires peace and one that pushes him to excel at war. For this reason he never strikes first but always last.

The Image

A Fey made from two contrasting halves. One is the colour of violet and the other blue. His arms move about in martial positions and play with a broadsword that remains brandished, yet not held. Jewellery the shape of rings and circles completes the image.

Simple Meaning

Vigilance, attention, guard, defensive spirit.

Advanced Meaning

Knowing one's strength can bring a person to use it, when they should withhold instead. Above all, when the conflicting situation is not clear and there are doubts in one's soul, one should be able to measure one's response, know how to be patient, and know how to defend oneself without being aggressive.