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Fey Tarot

Knight of Swords


Passion and fire have the better of this Fey. She has thrown herself into the battle without any regard for her own safety. She does not fight with anger, but for good reasons. However, her anger and adrenalin have made her lose sight of the reasons. In this case it is not she who brandishes a weapon, but she herself is a weapon in the hands of her passions.

The Image

A white dragon with great scales against a back ground of fire or blood. It is ridden by a Fey with blood-injected eyes and her sword unsheathed, who shouts out a challenge.

Simple Meaning

Ability, courage, impulsiveness, anger, fighting spirit.

Advanced Meaning

The loss of control in oneself, abandoning oneself to fury, momentarily cancelling reason: these things happen. Nevertheless often the pain that we do not feel in that moment from the wounds inflicted and received, hurt a hundred times more later on when we have time to think over all that occurred.