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Fey Tarot

Queen of Swords


This Fey has much sorrow and perhaps much remorse as well. However she has grown and become wise. She does not cry because the time for crying is still far away. Only when everything is put right and she has done all that is possible to remedy pain, will she then dedicate some time to herself. For now she has sworn to herself that she will never make a mistake again and that she will always chose the difficult road, if that is the right road.

The Image

In a grey, though not gloomy or squalid, city, the Queen of Swords is clothed in fur. She is not wearing a crown nor a sword, because both these things have become part of her, engraved on her forehead with a ruby. Her lips are blue, like someone who has no heat within them, yet she is beautiful; beautiful and untouchable like ice..

Simple Meaning

Sadness, responsibility, loss, courageous spirit.

Advanced Meaning

True courage comes from knowing how to react to a situation. Whatever has happened, whatever has passed, the blame, the pain, we are always faced with a new beginning. It may be difficult and painful, but it offers hope, and uses the strength that has matured. Courage means not repeating previous errors: it means to grow and not give up.