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Fey Tarot

King of Swords


The King of Swords possesses the burden of command and decision making. He has found himself faced with the responsibility of making difficult and hard decisions and to decide the fate of others. For this reason he finds it hard to be happy. However, he has never stopped feeling emotions, nor wishing that every war would end, so that the Fey too can rest and put down their arms.

The Image

The King of Swords sits on a sober throne carved of cold stone, his body tense and restless, his red hair blowing in the wind, dressed in armour. His face and neck have wounds that have never healed, marking his metal-coloured skin with red lines. A whirling wind surrounds him, blowing the autumn leaves with it, but his expression is neither angry nor proud. He has kind eyes in that severe looking body.

Simple Meaning

Strength, decision, power, authoritative spirit.

Advanced Meaning

The possibility of choice brings with it great responsibility. We need to bear in mind the consequences of all actions and realise that these affect others, not just ourselves. Others that we do not know, who are far away, but often others whom we love or who are connected to us. This is a heavy burden as there is never a perfect, or right, choice, but only the choice that we make, full of all its consequences.
A perfect choice does not exist, but we must choose nonetheless.