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Fey Tarot

Seven of Swords

The Image

A Fey brandishes a sharp sword. Her body is partIy flesh, partly the stones of the wall behind her, and as such a perfect camouflage. She moves her head as searching for something.

Simple Meaning

Use of any stratagem, dissimulation, or subterfuge. To know how to transform disadvantages into advantages. Act with intelligence.

Advanced Meaning

The Seven of Swords is an invitation to use prudence. and not to charge forwards with your head down. The road of principles and pride is not always the right one. At times we need to know how to hide, to conceal our intentions and abilities. Our mind is capable of inventing new ways of dealing with problems and what is obvious is not always right. When the choices seem limited perhaps there is another road, better, but hidden.

Symbols Used

The chameleon-like capacity of the Fey is an invitation to adapt to what surrounds us, without losing oneself.