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Gilded Tarot


Everything here speaks of peace, calm, and hope. This woman represents perfect faith. The star on her forehead is connected with the star in the sky, showing a unity of thoughts and spirit. This woman knows that the mechanisms of the heavens are working perfectly and that everything happens in its proper time. Sister to Temperance, the Star is more natural in her nakedness, more grounded in her humble position in the water. Rather than controlling and conserving liquid, like her sister, she unreservedly empties her pitchers, having faith that they will be filled again.
The message of the Star is replenishment and faith. Know that the cycles of nature are true and natural and that after a hard time, a better time will follow. And when it comes, give yourself over to it - immerse yourself in the cool waters of faith and the constant light of the Star. Know that your heart will be refreshed and your faith will be renewed.
Be aware of lack of faith, of giving in to despair, of giving up. The Star promises hope. Don't lose faith in that promise.