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Gilded Tarot


A woman stands with poise, dignity and assurance. She stands before the world surrounded with laurel wreaths, indicating her mastery. She holds wands, representing her will, in both hands. Unlike the other figures in the Major Arcana, her will is in tune with both sides of herself; she has achieved balance of her consciousness and her unconsciousness. She celebrates a great accomplishment. For this, she is recognized by the world and, more importantly, by her own self.
The message of the World is that of completion and accomplishment. You feel a sense of unity with the universe and mastery over self that is natural and effortless. You move to the rhythm of nature and of your heart. They are one.
Be aware of a false sense of security. In theory, the World represents total completion. However, in our human lives, this is never really achieved. But because we are human still, we can achieve only partial or temporary oneness. These temporary of partial experiences encourage us to keep growing and moving forward, if for no other reason than to experience that exquisite moment of freedom and understanding again.