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Gilded Tarot


A perfect, passionate union rises, romantic and idealized, from the waters of our subconscious and our dreams. More than romance, more than a man and a woman, we see here the elements necessary to achieve such a union. The couple is grounded in water, showing a deep connection of their emotions. The warrior's red clothing and the deep orange of the sunset surround the scene with fiery passion. The beauty and abandon of the woman suggests earthly sensuality. The dolphins, although creatures of water, indicate intelligence and communications that are characteristic of the element of air. Finally, the upward motion of the couple and woman's gaze toward heaven illustrate a higher focus on the spiritual realm.
The message of the Lovers tells us to make good and balanced choices. Indeed, the original meaning of this card in the earliest Tarot decks was called the Choice and showed a man choosing between two women. Consider all the facets before committing to any decision. Choose well and build a foundation that can help you achieve your best dreams.
Be aware of letting one element of a choice overshadow all else. A relationship with simply a physical attraction, a career decision with only an intellectual appeal, or a home opportunity with decadent amenities may not be the best choice in the long run.