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Gilded Tarot


Idealism, romance, the Holy Grail-this gift of the universe provides depth and feeling to our lives. Here, the gift is purity of emotion, a spiritual love that is meant to guide us. If we set our eye on spirituality we can more easily see our way through the tumultuous experience of the wide range of human emotions. Just as the moon remains the same but appears differently depending on the focus of the sun, so our experience of emotions varies according to how we choose to see them. Like the energy of the Magician, Major Arcana I, the gift of the grail is meant to guide us. But it can, like the manipulative side of the Magician, lead us down some rocky roads.
You are being drawn along by a feeling. Your emotions are engaged and you feel more alive than usual. It may be the beginning of a romance, a spiritual epiphany, or a desire to express yourself artistically. Whatever it is, you are at the start of an exciting adventure.
Be aware of running from this experience. Do not fear, discount, or avoid the intensity of your feelings. Although it may feel uncomfortable at first, learn to identify and express your emotions.