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Gilded Tarot


On the shore, a man balances two pentacles. The mastery and ease of his skill creates a rainbow, making the act seem magical. The representation of the other suits - the dolphin (intelligence/Swords), water (Cups), and fiery light of the rainbow (Wands) - indicates a deep overall balance that allows for this easy control of everyday life. Like the High Priestess, Major Arcana II, existing between poetry and science, this gentleman dances through life juggling work and joy.
You have a full life and the ability to keep everything flowing. You make it seem easy. You find satisfaction in not only doing many things and doing them well, but also in not making your busyness into a competition.
Be aware of overdoing for the sake of the admirations of others. Don't judge yourself and others by how much you do, and don't seek achievement at the expense of quality and overall happiness.