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Gilded Tarot


Standing before a door, slightly open to the night sky, a man defends his position. Strong and brave, he faces all corners. This is not the benevolent competition of the Five of Wands rather, it is more threatening. Like the Chariot, Major Arcana VII, he is steadfast and feels sure of his will, there is a deeper lack of understanding, an echo of the Chariot, indicated by the night sky behind him. His actions are being questioned. While his understanding is imperfect, his convictions carry him through.
You are being asked to defend your actions or beliefs. Do not fear the attack. Use the questions raised to clarify your understanding. If your beliefs are sound, a closer examination of them will hurt nothing and will add to your wisdom.
Be aware of childish obstinacy. If you find jour stance is wrong, admit defeat and refine your beliefs so that they will stand up to examinations. On the other hand, do not give up the fight out of fear.