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Gilded Tarot


Eight wands fly through the sky in an orderly fashion over a peaceful pastoral scene. Already set in motion, how the wands will land is already determined. They move with a steadfast surety and speed. Just as the lion and the woman walk together with unity toward a common goal in Strength, Major Arcana VIII, so do the events in the Eight of Wands. The determined purpose and delicate balance of Strength is joined with the fiery action of Wands. Things are set to happen and they will happen quickly.
You are waiting for an outcome. You will not wait long. Events set in motion are moving speedily to their inexorable conclusion.
Be aware of the dangers of interfering. By altering the movement of one of the wands, the others, because of their proximity to each other, will be affected. The connections are intricate and you may not be able to see the larger ramifications of your actions