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Gilded Tarot


By the light of a crescent moon, a woman sits up in bed as if awakened by a bad dream. An owl peers forward as nine swords float above her head. She crosses her arms across her chest as if to protect her heart. As evidenced by the swords, this woman is clearly troubled by some large problem, large enough to disturb her sleep. The owl, a symbol of wisdom, is nearby, apparently ready to share its knowledge and thereby impart some comfort to the woman. As she puzzles out the problem, perhaps she will see her way clear to wisdom and truth. For now, though, she is alone and closed off. This is the Hermit, Major Arcana IX, taken to a sad extreme. In this time of trial, she would do well to reach out and get the comfort and wisdom she needs. It seems that it is near at hand.
You are agonizing over something. For whatever reason you are working through this alone, even though help is nearby. Reach out and allow someone to guide and comfort you.
Be aware of isolation. You may feel like you're alone or your pride may stop you from reaching out. You're not alone and your pride may cost you more than you know.