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Fey Tarot

XIX - The Sun

The Sentence

Light inundates everything and shows up every lie. Light eliminates shadows, fortifies the heart and drives away the cold. Light makes crops grow, and provides food, strength and health. Light is life.

The Image

A young Fey with a body burnt brown by the sun, sits in a field the colour of gold and is nourished by the rays of the sun. The clouds redden with gold and everything is dazzled and nourished by the light of the sun.

Simple Meaning

Truth, courage, sincerity, security, certainty, strength, joy, power, glory, light.

Advanced meaning

The exact opposite of the Moon, full of contradictions, the Sun is an Arcana that by nature is without any kind of ambiguity. It has no shadows, no veils, no half-measures. The light of the sun inundates everything and has no rivals. It nourishes, heats and protects. The sun represents all truths, all certainties, all practical things, all understandable things. It represents masculine power and the joy of fullness and of security, when no doubt troubles the soul.

The Chosen Symbols

The sun, luminous and fiery... paling slightly with the haze from the air. The clouds receive warmth from the sun like everything else.
The golden wheat bends in the wind, reflecting heat from the star like a sea of molten metal.
The Sun Fey, dressed like a young farmer, with almost reddish skin, is wrapped in this light like a mantle. Rejoicing, in the heat and the peace, more than the light, abandoning himself to the coolness that comes from the earth.


The sun is an extraordinarily positive card: however, it is worth remembering that too much light is not good. Man is made to alternate between dark and light, security and doubt, truth and ignorance. The sun, if it did not give up its place at night, would burn and destroy everything instead of nourishing it.