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Fey Tarot

XX - Judgement

The Sentence

When the moment arrives, there is no time to turn back, to recommence, to make things better. Everything will be displayed, every card overturned, every consequence dealt with, every responsibility concluded.
The sound of the trumpet awakens the traces we have left and will announce what we have done. This moment is the boundary.

The Image

In a world that is not that of the Fey, the head of a creator lies asleep on a page. Her hand still holds the pen that is closing the knot of infinity. The Judgement Fey, white and transparent, sounds her trumpet and the spirits of all things rise and show their nature.
A T-shirt, a pullover, a pen, the ink, the drawing, the page change into Fey who are made of pure colour.

Simple Meaning

A moment of proof, responsibility, the consequences of past actions, reward or punishment, reawakening of the spirit, of dignity, of knowledge. Breaking down barriers or walls thought to be invincible, rebirth, obligatory passage, necessary battle to reach an objective.

Advanced meaning

In its oldest form, this card represented the Universal Judgement. An archangel blew a celestial trumpet and the dead rose from their tombs to he buried or saved. With the Fey this concept of guilt, deriving from Christianity, does not exist. Judgement indicates that there is always a consequence to our actions. Nothing is ever definitive, but each thing, each and every action we undertake, has its weight and responsibility attached: it leaves a sign. The Arcana of Judgement indicates that in the end this sign always returns to whoever generated it. There is nowhere to flee. It is the magic of the world... Without which, even if at times it is annoying, we would not be happy, never be worth anything, never have a conscience.

The Chosen Symbols

White walls were chosen since white does not influence other colours but leaves them unchanged. Thus the Judgement Fey is white. She is ready to welcome but does not carry within her any moral judgement or prejudice. The Fey are of one colour only, because they are pure essence.
The symbol of infinity that has been drawn unconsciously by the artist's sleeping hand recalls the Arcana of the sorcerer. The cycle is concluded.


This card is the only card that does not represent the world of the Fey. Although she denies it, I am convinced that this card represents the artist herself, in her studio. For Mara, the Judgement card meant completion of this deck, after three years of devoted energy. In dreams, when the conscious mind is not present and vigilant, the confines between the world of magic and the more mundane world become hazy. The Fey are within us, in everything, in each object that we create and that we touch with passion. Judgement also indicates how worlds are linked with each other: we do not need just to look at what we see to find a sense of harmony in things.