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Fey Tarot

VI - The Lovers

The Sentence

To meet, even in diversity: to choose, even in doubt: to love, abandoning oneself to the heart and to life.
The present moment is not the past and not the future. yet it embraces them both. Man does not come from the Earth nor from the Sky, yet his spirit is attracted and composed of both.
There is no need to be afraid of the differences or to choose between them, but to perceive how each thing is completed by the other.

The Image

A spring from a rock rises towards the sky, and the clouds lower and draw the air against the stone.
A male creature made of rock and earth, with strong gnarled hands like the roots of a tree, sits between the rocks. A female Fey made of dreams and air, impalpable and light, hangs without substance like a pallid form through which the light shines.
Their hands are joined in their hair, in a caress that is at the same time love, a promise. comprehension and intimacy.

Simple Meaning

Coincidence of opposites, love, harmony, union, permeation, comprehension. tolerance. Choice, test, difficulty. separation, desire attained.

Advanced meaning

The card of the lovers in ancient times was given the job of harmonising and reflecting on the differences that there were between virtue (a chaste and courteous lady) and vice (an immodest lady. already gone to seed). Love could address the attraction of the loins (rnaterial) or the attraction of the eyes (spirit).
The choice made in this card is similar to that of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, when they learn for the first time the difference between good and evil. In the lovers the accent is placed on the harmony of opposites. As in the Tai Chi Tu (the Taoist diagram), only harmony between extremes gives peace. And this is also a profound anthem to love, because only great love can ensure that the earth and the sky are together, always attracted, and always rejected.
Not surprisingly the ancient Egyptian legend of the creation of the world recounted that each thing was horn of the union between earth and sky. Therefore, prior to having a sexual or carnal component, the Fey Lovers are the symbol of all the diversities that need to he filled, the different languages to be translated and the steep ravines of the spirit, the body or the mind, that need to be crossed by bridges.

The Chosen Symbols

The earth indicates the things that last: the air, that which changes. The earth indicates material things; the air, spiritual things.
The earth indicates the body: the air the mind.
The earth indicates the masculine nature; the air, female nature.
The caress is a gesture that for an instant unites all, rendering it one. Their eyes have the same soul.


This card is first of all a card of love. either towards a partner, a child, or a friend, but its significance is deeper. Often each one of us is torn by conflicts between contrasting sentiments and sensations, very often between the needs of our spiritual nature and the contingencies and necessities of material life.
The card of the Lovers once indicated the need to choose. However at times there is no need to choose but to conserve both opposites, in peace.