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Fey Tarot

Ace of Chalices

The Image

A child Fey, with large, gentle eyes, is immersed up to her waist in a stone container. Still, crystal water envelops her, while she raises a chalice in her hand offering water to whoever has the desire to quench their thirst. Her eyes reflect the gold of the sun, as do her nails.

Simple Meaning

Nourishment, fullness, purification, great emotions, feelings that are born and gush out.

Advanced Meaning

The first natural act that occurs when one feels an emotion is to offer. In this manner the Ace of Chalices is a gift, the feeling that surges, born from nothing and submerged by everything in its simplicity.

Often in the older Tarots, the Ace of Chalices was linked to the Holy Grail. With the Fey, the Ace of Chalices is a simple response to thirst. I am thirsty: "Well then, drink, nourish yourself, quench your thirst at the source, which is I".

Symbols Used

Few symbols were used, given the extreme synthesis of the card. The golden eyes and nails represent a person's hidden riches. Water is the soul's nourishment.