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Fey Tarot

Three of Chalices

The Image

A roughly sculpted, stone chalice abandoned on an unkempt lawn. The water from the rain is collected inside the chalice and on the rim three small Fey are playing with lots of energy. They fly and jump from edge to edge, one after the other like little hummingbirds.

Simple Meaning

To be happy in merriment, in abundance and in joy. To let oneself flow with this happy feeling.

Advanced Meaning

Happiness is one of the strongest energies that we can generate. It comes from knowing how to see the good in everything, but not only that; it also comes from knowing how to express oneself spontaneously in unexpected circumstances. Happiness is to live absolutely in the present, with no remorse for the past, nor worries for the future. Happiness, therefore, is playing and energy without reason, shape, or any other kind of prop.

Symbols Used

The unkempt garden shows how beautiful things are not always found where we expect them.
The stone chalice recalls a chess piece, like a game from a forgotten time. The water is rainwater - pure, limpid and fresh.
The three Fey are made of energy to represent their spontaneity and their total abandon to their games.