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Fey Tarot

Five of Chalices

The Image

A glazed china chalice lies half-broken. In its hollow cup a small desert Fey is seated, observing the world around him, happy with his privileged position. In the background, large, imposing buildings can be seen, blurred in the distance.

Simple Meaning

Loss, joy in loss, recovering what was of value, comprehension of just proportions.

Advanced Meaning

The Five of Chalices continues the significance from the previous card. If, there, one was rich but in reality poor, here, who was poor is in fact rich. The beautiful chalice lies in pieces, but it is still beautiful and useful; it lifts up from the ground and welcomes whoever uses it. In the sentimental sphere, a happy ending is not necessarily the one we expect but can occur in a banal, more realistic way.

Symbols Used

The broken chalice is the loss the security that was depended upon. The desert shows the apparent arid nature of the situation.
The buildings in the distance illustrate an uncertain future, still full of possibilities and discoveries.
The blue of the chalice shows that the nourishment, the water, is not necessarily outside ourselves, but exists in the value we give to things.