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Fey Tarot

Ace of Pentacles

The Image

A Fey designs a pentacle on her hand as if it is a tattoo. She is surrounded by her poor possessions in her house. Two small animals observe her. Her face is totally concentrated on what she is doing. The design on her hand is almost finished.

Simple Meaning

Links with material things. Possession of things without excess. Perfect control of the elements and of relationships. Security.

Advanced Meaning

The Fey herself becomes the pentacle via her energy and creation. In this way she creates a link that did not previously exist between the earth and the material world. This is not an experience without toil, but an experience that will procure for her a talisman of great power and without rival, to guide her to prosperity and to the wisdom of the earth.

Symbols Used

The painted circular symbol recalls Indian mandalas. In reality the circular symbol is one of the most ancient symbols of power in the history of humanity.