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Fey Tarot

Three of Pentacles

The Image

A Fey engraves a pentacle of painted wood with fervour and violence. On his shoulder, not heeding his rapid and improvised movements, a lizard observes his capable hand striking with the scalpel. Behind him another Fey with a covered face observes the work developing with pleasure.

Simple Meaning

Occupation, commerce, art and ability for the benefit of others. Also fervour and desire to be realised.

Advanced Meaning

In the Three of Pentacles we are confronted with the possession of objects as property and with the possession of objects as paternity. The artisan follows another's orders, but it is his heart and his able hand that generates the perfect pentacle. Things, even material things, are linked to those who create them, because it is impossible to do something without leaving a trace of our spirit behind.

Symbols Used

The lizard indicates the instinctive curiosity of man.
The covered face indicates the lack of spirit of the commissioner of the product that the artisan has carved.