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Fey Tarot

Nine of Pentacles

The Image

In a large opulent room a regal throne stands upon which a Fey sits, young but not beautiful. She is wearing rich garments, and a bird with multicoloured feathers is perching delicately on her head. Her hands are composed and she is sitting formally. Behind her, there is a gathered curtain and a large chain holding up an immense gold pentacle. On the pentacle is the symbol of a bunch of grapes.

Simple Meaning

Prudence, richness, virtue linked to the administration of material things, inherited dowry, material connections between people.

Advanced Meaning

Contrary to other more personal virtues, wealth or possessions can be passed on. Therefore a person sometimes has to bear the weight of things that are not theirs or that do not derive from his own passion. This creates a link between objects and people, a link that takes place in the material world.

Symbols Used

The throne indicates the Fey's lineage and therefore signifies merits and possessions that are not the result of her actions.
The grapes indicate the possession of earthly riches, amongst the most prestigious and refined.
The bird with coloured plumage indicates the beauty and intelligence that are waiting to emerge.