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Fey Tarot

Ten of Wands

The Image

A little Fey is bent under the weight of a succulent fruit, much bigger than she is. Around her is an entire orchard, full of large fruit trees, but none greater than this. The Fey meanwhile looks around as if she is afraid, or as if she does not quite believe her good luck.

A heavy weight, a large prize, the fruit of one's labour, fortune.

Advanced Meaning

This card has a double meaning. On the one hand, it is a card of richness and abundance, linked to its actual value, but also to good luck. On the other hand, the weight this fortune brings cannot be denied, and the limits of strength needed to sustain it. Perhaps this is because beautiful things cost effort.

Symbols Used

The fruit is a symbol of richness and of abundance.
The tree full of fruit is also a symbol of great abundance.