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Fey Tarot

Three of Swords

The Image

A Fey carries the sign of the sword on his chest. Immersed in the sea, amongst the waves with the wind blowing at his back, he tries to remove the painful red mark on his chest, but it does not lose shape or consistency. The sword is part of him.

Simple Meaning

To learn pain. To suffer and not see the light nor hope. To deal with remorse, one's losses and responsibilities. Desperation, sadness, nostalgia.

Advanced Meaning

In the Christian world, evil is one of the fruits of free will, like good. Thrown out of Eden, man knows pain, suffering and obscurity. But through these trials he also discovers good and freedom. In the Three of Swords we are confronted with one's own pierced heart. The ability to perceive the difference between oneself and pain is lost, and we identify ourselves with suffering. In these moments the sea seems like a gentle caress trying to soothe the emptiness felt. We are immersed in darkness, even though dawn is breaking.
Evil cannot last forever and pain induces growth. Even if we are not able to see this and we think that the great sea is made of tears, it is nevertheless an important moment when we do not turn our back on pain but deal with it instead. This is the way to overcome it.

Symbols Used

The red sword is the symbol of blood and conflict.
The sea is the symbol of greatness, liberty and purification.
The sea is also a symbol of birth and growth, as a sea of tears can be.
The wind that blows and ruffles the Fey's wings is a sign that time has passed and that soon the pain in one's heart will be soothed.